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All of the software that comes from Power Data, whether for free or for a fee, is open-source software. You can look under the hood and see how it works. You can copy it, fix it, make it better, or just make it different without being persecuted by the "owner" under some ridiculous license.

We don't try to "own" information. In the software world, ownership is most often used to control, to stifle competition, to create needless incompatibility and to exploit users with planned obsolescence. "Free" software is not always "free of cost", however. It is free in that it's users are free to analyze it, share it, and change it. Some of our software is free of cost, while some we custom develop for a fee. But it all protects the freedom of the users to use it, swap it, and enhance it, freely.

To learn more about the free software movement, and how you can promote a software industry of users, by users, and for users, free from corporate-profit tyranny, please visit the Free Software Foundation.

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